Install your first miner and start earning

Make your computer generate long-term income. Easily install and set up mining tools on your computer for free, get profit and continue with CryptoTab Farm – a powerful service to build and remote control a personal mining farm at any scale. Connect all your Windows or macOS devices to transform their idle power into a profit.

Handy solution for the most efficient mining results

Learn how CryptoTab Farm works and make your computer a source of passive income.

Two-click installation, the instant start of mining

Install free mining software on your Windows and mac OS PC or laptop. Start mining without investments and get a constant profit from your device!

Mining schedule and speed setup

Create a mining schedule and adapt it to your needs. Adjust your mining speed to have maximum revenue! Your PC will automatically mine according to the specified schedule and bring you income!

Detailed and up-to-date statistics

Find out what is happening with your mining through the activity log. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips – balance, CPU threads used, overheating protection. Mine safely with the highest level of security!

Connect the miner to the farm using a QR code

Find out what is happening with your mining through the activity log. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips – balance, CPU threads used, overheating protection. Mine safely with the highest level of security!

How to start mining on your computer

You can quickly start mining with your computer for free and connect it to your farm later at any time.

Download and install free CryptoTab Farm miner tool on your computer
Adjust mining speed and schedule your miner to start earning
Connect a computer to your farm dashboard via QR code
Withdraw earnings and enjoy your income
What is CryptoTab Farm? Check quick video overview!

A quick overview of what is CryptoTab Farm, and what you can do with it.

Are you ready to create your own farm? Control your miners remotely!

Build up, manage, easily expand a mining farm at any scale.

Access your farm from mobile device

Control your mining computers from anywhere right on your mobile device screen. Get instant access to scheduling, speed adjustment, up-to-date stats, and withdrawal requests right from your smartphone or tablet.

Stay informed about processes on your farm

Get notifications and always be aware of what is happening on your Farm. Has one of your miners disconnected? Overloaded? Overheated? Did mining pause? The notification system will help you to handle all the stuff with ease!

Withdraw funds without commissions

Request withdrawals at any moment an unlimited number of times per day — no commissions! Our withdrawal system is not only quick but safe. You’ll have a secure connection to the main server and won't expose your computers.

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Useful Tips

Check the tips on how to manage your CryptoTab Farm like a pro and get the most out of it.

Just a step away from earning crypto. Install and start mining.

Explore CryptoTab Farm capabilities in a free demonstration mode with an unlimited number of virtual workes. Predict how much you can earn with your computing power.

Got questions about CryptoTab Farm?

Find an answer to your question in our FAQ or contact our support team.
How do I set up a farm? Dashboard functionality.

After you have added all computers, set up the farm using the dashboard tools:

For more information on how to install the miner, check out the guide.

Why do I need mining groups?

Mining groups help to combine devices for centralized management and for getting the relevant statistics.

Create any number of mining groups, give them names, and move miners between them for maximum efficiency and convenience.

For example:

Group 1 - “Home”: computers which my family uses;

Group 2 - “Office”: computers at work, mine, and colleagues;

Group 3 - “Servers”: a group of machines working around the clock and purchased specifically for mining.

* Initially, all devices are located in the Default group. All your miners will be there if you haven't created any mining groups yet. Unlike other mining groups, the Default group cannot be deleted.

Why do I need a Schedule?

The CryptoTab algorithm uses the idle power of the computer. Mining will be more efficient when the device is not occupied, or when processes with low resource consumption are running on it.

Knowing the load schedule of computers connected to the farm, you can create a mining schedule: adjust the speed for each day of the week and each hour.

There are 3 speed modes available:

- high - 100%

- medium - 50%

- low - 25%

You can set up the schedule for each device separately, or for the entire mining group. In both cases, you can adjust the settings by clicking on the menu (three dots) to the right of the device or group name.

Manual mining speed adjustment

Using the slider (both in the app and in the miner), you can manually adjust the CPU load by choosing how many CPU threads will be involved in mining.

This method is more accurate than setting the mining speed in the "Schedule", where the load level is set as a percentage.

What is the time zone setting for?

If the Farm app and your miners are located in different time zones, set the optimal schedule for them depending on their location and local time.

What is the “Remote Control” feature for?

The Remote control feature is needed to control the work of the miner from the Dashboard. You can set up this feature in the CryptoTab Farm miner program installed on your computer.

* If the owner of the device doesn’t allow remote control, the functionality in the Dashboard will be limited. You can only monitor this computer: view statistics, track the current mining speed and core temperature, receive notifications.

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