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Art has entered a new era!
CryptoTab scales new heights with NFT!

The current NFT trend is already known all over the world — everyone is talking about it now: from traders to collectors. And it's no surprise, each token is a valuable digital object often related to a real-life one. Any NFT can be based on a painting by an artist, a music piece, media content, or even a service. Each time, NFT acts as a reliable bridge between the virtual and real worlds. Those associated with cryptocurrencies have probably thought about purchasing one at least once. As such purchase is an excellent chance to make significant money and test the blockchain smart contract in practice. The big potential of such tokens is not limited to individuals, it also provides new possibilities for large investors and other participants in the high-tech world.

Many large brands from different industries, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Burger King have already launched their first NFT-collections. Moreover, NFT-technologies are used by such famous couturiers as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. And CryptoTab keeps up with world trends — our team has already created several NFT-collections dedicated to our beloved CryptoBot. You will definitely like these unusual tokens, because among them are not only valuable collecting and trading art objects, but also those with unique features available only to their owner. For example, several NFTs from the "CryptoBot in Action'' collection have original stickers in Telegram and other Internet communities. Telegram stickers are used by a multi-million audience of CryptoTab around the world — and the NFT-owner is able to change these stickers used globally! That is a clear example of fulfilling NFT’s full potential.

Our first NFT-collections are already on display at OpenSea — come and check them out to get pleasure from our cute and friendly CryptoBot! Some of the NFTs displayed have exclusive features — you can have them for yourself!

Be the first one to check and add our NFT-objects to your collection here


Look at other collections here:


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