Schneller und stabiler: CryptoTab-Farm wurde aktualisiert

Schneller und stabiler: CryptoTab-Farm wurde aktualisiert

Wir geben bekannt: Wir haben gerade die CryptoTab-Farm verbessert. Damit ist die Verwaltung der Farm per Smartphone sogar noch einfacher, noch bequemer und noch intuitiver geworden. Bei der Aktualisierung der CryptoTab-Farm-App haben wir viele Verbesserungsvorschläge berücksichtigt und konnten den meisten Bedenken, die von unseren Nutzern geäußert wurden, Rechnung tragen.

Was bringt die aktualisierte Version? Gelinde gesagt gibt es Aktualisierungen bei der Nutzerschnittstelle und dem Dashboard, höhere Geschwindigkeit ohne Abstürze und deswegen schnellere In-App-Käufe, flexible Einstellungen sowie verbesserte und zuverlässigere Benutzerfreundlichkeit.

Die kürzlich veröffentlichte CryptoTab-Farm-App ermöglicht Ihnen nicht nur die einfache Einrichtung und Verwaltung von Minern auf Ihren Computern, sondern auch von Pool Minern, wenn Sie Ihre Farm erweitern wollen und keinen PC besitzen.

Ohne weitere Einführungen schlagen wir vor, dass Sie auf die neueste Version der CryptoTab-Farm-App aktualisieren oder sie installieren und Ihr Mining genießen.

Use CryptoTab Farm on your tablet

Use CryptoTab Farm on your tablet

Now you can manage your crypto farm on the tablet! We’ve optimized and adapted the powerful CryptoTab dashboard, and from now on you can use it not only on your mobile devices but on your tablets as well. This means that managing your crypto farm becomes more accessible to you. Even if you don't have a phone or computer at hand, you can still work on increasing your profits.

Use your iPad to earn more!

Owning a cryptocurrency is a big trend now and also a smart investment. With CryptoTab Farm you don’t need any specific knowledge or skills to earn BTC. This is your chance to increase your income easily! If you haven't tried CryptoTab Farm yet, now you can do it on any device you have. Check all the features of the dashboard, see how easy it is to manage the farm, monitor up-to-date statistics, set busy and inactive hours, optimize your mining schedule and perform any actions you want.

PC, mobile, tablet—get more bitcoins every minute engaging all devices you have!

Die App CryptoTab Farm ist jetzt auf iOS verfügbar!

Die App CryptoTab Farm ist jetzt auf iOS verfügbar!

We are so excited to present you the CryptoTab Farm version for iOS! Now you can connect any of your PCs to your farm, now Windows and soon macOS, and earn even more. Make all your computers generate income, install miners on them and easily get your crypto.

Manage farm from your iPhone!

Not familiar with CryptoTab Farm? Check it out now! It is a unique app that allows you to create your own mining farm with an unlimited number of computers. So quick to set up and easy to manage! You can adjust settings, check up-to-date statistics, optimize mining schedule, and withdraw your BTC without limitations and commissions at any time. Great opportunity to receive passive income without investment. Can it be any better?

Try CryptoTab Farm on Android or iOS. See how easy it is to turn your computer into a mining machine!

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Why do I need a mining schedule?

Why do I need a mining schedule?

To increase your income!

Use a scheduler to make the most out of your mining. It allows you to make a detailed timetable for each miner or a whole group in your farm; adjust the mining speed hourly and/or daily according to the time zones of your miners; turn on and off your mining depending on a particular day or at a particular hour. You can set up a schedule in advance for a time when the computer will be out of reach.

You know better how to manage your computer resources and how to distribute capacity by time. The best results depend on an effective schedule. So, make sure that you use every possible tool to increase your earnings.

Explore all the possibilities of CryptoTab Farm!

Not sure about the app? Try desktop first!

Not sure about the app? Try desktop first!

One more tip for those who are not ready to use the CryptoTab Farm app on mobile.

If you are not sure that you want to install the app, it’s all right! You can start using CryptoTab Farm miner just on your computer. Download free mining software on your Windows and macOS PC. Try it first, see how mining works, and start earning! Did you like it? Then try the app to add more miners and manage them remotely.

To add a miner to your farm dashboard use a QR code. Just scan it with any scanner and a powerful CryptoTab Farm dashboard will be installed on your mobile. Manage your miners remotely and get notified about the important farm events. Start earning and grow your income.

Feel free to download the app whenever you want. It will give you more options and ways to manage your farm. You can also check our video instructions on how to build a mining farm.

Explore CryptoTab Farm capabilities and increase your income!