Adding a miner using a QR-code

If you have the CryptoTab Farm app on your phone:

  1. Open the website on the computer you want to mine with. The website -
  2. Download, install and open the CryptoTab Farm mining program.
  3. In the top right corner of the program, you’ll see the Add Miner To Farm button. Click it to open the screen with a unique QR-code.
  4. Scan the code any way you like:
    • Via the CryptoTab Farm mobile app dashboard: tap the QR-code icon in the top right corner of the app. This will launch a built-in QR-scanner*.
    • You can use and third-party scanner or your phone’s camera as well
  5. Confirm the addition of miner:
    • CryptoTab Farm built-in scanner: Dashboard reads the code and asks the confirmation - “Do you want to add this miner to your farm?” - click Add;
    • Any other scanner: Android suggests opening the link via browser or CryptoTab Farm app — choose the 2nd option. After that, you’ll see the app asking for confirmation — tap Add
  6. The miner will appear in the Default dashboard group. Now you can move the miner to any other mining group.
  7. Enable program autostart and computer remote access. Program autostart runs the program and starts mining right after the computer is turned on.

*Review access rights settings of your phone to use the CryptoTab Farm internal QR-code scanner.

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