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New Step in the World of Crypto

The World’s First Salary in BTC

Bitcoin has already been integrated with many companies and used as a payment method. But things do not stop here, and cryptocurrency has peaked at new heights. Now many people receive their salaries in BTC!

The first-ever person to receive their entire salary in BTC has become Peter Wall — the CEO of Argo Blockchain, the British cryptocurrency mining company. The firm reported a strong interest in such payment among other employees and claimed that “Any other Argo team members may choose to be paid in Bitcoin for part of or all of their salaries.”

What’s more, Mode Global Holdings, a digitally-native financial services business, not so long ago launched an innovative partnership movement, the mission of which is to create an ecosystem where businesses can pay, earn, save, and get paid in BTC. And recently two global platforms — Heroes and Lano have joined them and opened a possibility for their employees to get a salary partly in Bitcoin.

Progress does not stand still and soon we might see even more possibilities in the future of the Bitcoin world.

Published: 17.05.2022

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