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The new driver of the crypto world
New window of opportunity in the crypto industry: don't miss your chance

Many people think the crypto world is going through rough times. But they just don't follow the news closely enough! After all, there is already a new branch of crypto industry development at the intersection of income from mining and NFT resale - CryptoTab Live Eggs and Magic Live Eggs!


This is a unique solution in the NFT market that will allow you to earn a steady income from both using and reselling tokens! Start a hatchery with NFT from Live Eggs and Magic Live Eggs collections, get valuable tokens, sell, trade or use them to mine and earn a steady income in BTC.

It's up to you to decide who you will become: a professional BTC miner with unlimited income or a really innovative NFT trader. After all, Live Eggs are a new round of crypto technology that is starting to develop and grow actively. Do not miss your chance to get the maximum benefit at the start.


At the moment, NFTs from Live Eggs and Magic Live Eggs collections cannot be purchased, but there is an even better option than direct purchase. You can buy unique CryptoTab NFT Mining #02, use them for mining BTC until October 1, and then exchange them for incredibly valuable NFTs from Live Eggs or even unique Magic Live Eggs collections!

Don't miss your chance:


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PRO Farmers Reactivate Less!

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