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The More — The Better!

New Affiliate Program Possibilities!

New Affiliate Program Possibilities!

Our CT Farm PRO has many advantages: an easy-to-use interface, no space limits, and convenient solutions for making farms without a PC — but there is something else the new farm holds for you. What is it? The answer is simple:

New Farm


New Affiliate Possibilities

Open yourself a door to stable Affiliate income and follow these easy steps to succeed:

1. Share CT Farm PRO with your friends and followers

2. Use our promo materials to tell them all about the farm and its features

3. Send your discount code or personal link

4. Using it, your referrals will get 15% off their in-app purchases

5. And you will have a bonus equal to 15% of their farm earnings! Double benefit for everyone!

Hurry up, be among the first to promote the farm and have more people come your way!

Make tweets, film videos on YouTube, TikTok, or just text your friends on Facebook — and together with Farm Affiliate reach highs you have never seen before!


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Earn More! Mining Speed Update for CT Farm PRO

We’ve heard you have plans for building a high-income farm. We also have plans — new Worker plans with increased maximum speed for CT Farm PRO on iOS. It's a match!

Expand Your Farm without Limits!

Do not limit yourself! Say goodbye to days when you had to ask yourself whether you have enough slots for your farm or not! CT Farm PRO is here to offer you an unlimited hardware space — so you can add as many PCs and Workers as you want!

Now Use CT Farm PRO for Free!

The biggest and most important news of the crypto farm world this year is here! Now you can discover the advanced CT Farm PRO app and start earning BTC with the most innovative farm solution — for absolutely free!