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Pass cryptocurrency on down the line

The future of digital assets is here

Crypto industry’s life doesn’t stand still. Have you ever thought about what will happen to your cryptocurrency in 20 years? 50? People are used to passing their fortune down the line or putting it in their relatives and close ones’ names.

For sure, cryptocurrency is a digital asset. You can change it for real, commonly used money. However, is it possible to somehow pass this fortune to our relatives and siblings? Of course, you can give all logins and passwords for your assets and wallets, but what if there is no need yet? There’s a solution! One proactive company decided to resolve this problem and recently settled it through a contract with InDeFi SmartBank. Now the cryptocurrency can be inherited as a common property.

InDeFi SmartBank develops smart-contract for entitling the right to inherit cryptocurrency. It is expected to be a really popular and sought after service in near future. This could cause a positive affection on the whole crypto industry in every country where it’s not prohibited.

We make cryptocurrency a real part of our own lives as it seems.

Published: 24.01.2022

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