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The most awaited time of the year is here!
Get your Christmas present!

The end of December is approaching, snow is slowly falling, people are in a hurry to buy gifts for loved ones, and Santa is already on his way. But CryptoBot in advance took the preparations in its hands and made a present to please those who mined more efficiently, faster, and better than anyone else this year!

Can't wait to find out what's in the CryptoBot's bag? It's a festive Cloud.Boost multiplier X10! Now celebrating the Christmas holidays will be more fun and much brighter. To accept this generous present, go to our Instagram and follow the simple receiving conditions. The gift is prepared for everyone! Hurry up ā€“ you can only receive it until the end of 2021!

There is very little time left until the end of this year, but still, there are many surprises and gifts waiting for you from CryptoTab. Don't be late ā€“ follow us on Instagram and you will never miss any giveaways of awards and prizes in the future.

We wish you successful mining and a high hashrate!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Hey, by the way, we almost forgot to tell you something! Have you heard about a recent trend called NFT? It's a digital asset that represents virtual-world objects like art, music and videos, which are bought and sold online. Well, we're happy to announce that CryptoTab has dropped their own cool NFTs featuring the beloved CryptoBot! They're very beautiful and valuable! And you can be the first one to check them out


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Upgrade your CT Farm Pro to utilize the price drop!

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