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Best time to get your Cloud.Boost
Boost your mining!

Faster mining — bigger income. We all know that. But maybe not all of you know how to increase your mining speed hundreds of times. The answer is to activate Cloud.Boost!

The Cloud.Boost feature multiplies the hashrate and allows you to earn way more. For example, your device speed is 1500 H/s, with Cloud.Boost X15 your speed will be 22,500 H/s. Want more? No problem, activate several boosts at once, repeatedly increasing your initial hashrate. Cloud.Boost doesn't drain the battery while helping you mine more efficiently on the same device.

Choose Cloud.Boost X2, X5, X10, X15, or use several boosts at once within the same CryptoTab account. You can even reinvest your CT funds and pay for your boost in BTC!

Read more and get your boost here. Now is the best time for that — Cloud.Boost is on sale! Save up to 63% and invest in your income.

Try mining at breakneck speed using the Cloud.Boost feature. Available in CryptoTab Lite and PRO versions.


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Publicados: 04.08.2021

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Can I mine on my mobile?

Can I mine on my mobile?

Currently, mining is not possible on mobile devices. We comply with Google's policies and according to the rules, mobile mining is not an option. But let us tell you about the possible options.
Mine on your PC, manage on your mobile!

Mine on your PC, manage on your mobile!

Do I only need a computer to use the CryptoTab Farm app? No! You can manage your miner on the computer without the CryptoTab Farm app, but in order to use the full functionality, easily withdraw funds, and control the entire process remotely, you need to install the CryptoTab Farm app on your phone. With this app, you can set up mining as efficiently as possible, be always aware of what is happening, and manage your farm on the go at any time, wherever you are