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Earn BTC on any device

Use CryptoTab Farm on your tablet

Use CryptoTab Farm on your tablet

Now you can manage your crypto farm on the tablet! We’ve optimized and adapted the powerful CryptoTab dashboard, and from now on you can use it not only on your mobile devices but on your tablets as well. This means that managing your crypto farm becomes more accessible to you. Even if you don't have a phone or computer at hand, you can still work on increasing your profits.

Use your iPad to earn more!

Owning a cryptocurrency is a big trend now and also a smart investment. With CryptoTab Farm you don’t need any specific knowledge or skills to earn BTC. This is your chance to increase your income easily! If you haven't tried CryptoTab Farm yet, now you can do it on any device you have. Check all the features of the dashboard, see how easy it is to manage the farm, monitor up-to-date statistics, set busy and inactive hours, optimize your mining schedule and perform any actions you want.

PC, mobile, tablet—get more bitcoins every minute engaging all devices you have!


Pubblicato: 28.09.2021

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Più veloce e più stabile: CryptoTab Farm aggiornata

Annuncio: abbiamo appena migliorato la CryptoTab Farm, quindi ora gestire la farm dal tuo smartphone è persino più semplice, conveniente ed intuitivo. Mentre aggiornavamo l'app CryptoTab Farm, abbiamo tenuto in considerazione molti cambiamenti proposti e lavorato sulla maggior parte delle preoccupazioni sollevate dai nostri utenti.

L'app di CryptoTab Farm è ora disponibile su iOS!

We are so excited to present you the CryptoTab Farm version for iOS! Now you can connect any of your PCs to your farm, now Windows and soon macOS, and earn even more. Make all your computers generate income, install miners on them and easily get your crypto.